Monday, January 11, 2016

In attempting to date this map, we make note of the following: (1) The amphitheatre is missing. It was up in 1888 and burned down in 1918; (2) Hamline and Haven Aves. extended from Thompson Ave. to Carlton Ave. Today, Hamline and Haven Aves. begin at Perry Ave. (old Kingston Ave.) and deadend half way to Janes Ave.; (3) Stoody Hall (marked here as the W.C.T.U.) places the building at a clearly visible angle which may hint that at this point it was planned that way but not carried out that way in 1892. Since Epworth Hall appears here and it was built in 1892 also, we might assume that this map is an 1892 map between the times of the building of Epworth and Stoody. However, since the 1888 amphitheatre isn't there, the dating is very difficult--especially in light of the contradictions of the above map. The best guess is that this bottom map may have been the map where all of the street plans were laid out on paper but did not actually come to be that exact way.